Sunday, October 15, 2006


So, you all know that the Democratic Republic of (North) Korea last week detonated a nuclear bomb underground. A few of you probably spent hours arguing over whether it was a 550-ton 'fizzle' or a 15 kiloton megablast, or even whether it was just some Korean chap breaking wind. But how many of you have visited the official website of our favourite Asia-Pacific renegade?

By clicking here, you can find out about the history and leadership of North Korea. The chapters on 'Anti-Japanese Fighting' and 'Motherland's Liberation' are particularly moving, putting the "Yankees" and their South Korean "puppet army" in their place. And please don't tell me you buy all that Western capitalist propaganda about famine in North Korea! This tells you all you need to know:

"Pyongyang and the today's North Korea is a socialist paradise where all the people have a life with dignity, without poverty and more than ever demonstrate the invincibility and union of the masses around the Leader."

WITHOUT poverty! Hear that, Bolton-san? And if that doesn't whet your appetite, there's a special yearly business trip for all you investors out there. Pre-inscription for this year's trip has closed - and not a moment too soon, what with all that brouhaha in the U.N. about sanctions - but 2007 has got to be a shoe-in. It only costs 2,900 Euros for a week of "private meetings" with "state companies" related to your "field of expertise"! And they say socialism dampens the entrepreneurial spirit...


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